Friday, April 20, 2007

The curse of the dachshund strikes again! I have never met a dachshund who didn't bit me. I have nothing against the little wiener dogs but they seem to be part of some international doggie data base with a black list and I'm on it. The curse started in middle school and Dorfey. Every time I went over to my friend Danielle's house her dachshund Dorfy would bite me. When we played outside he'd chase me and when I ate dinner with them he would sit under the table growling at me. Then there was Laya's dachshund. I don't remember it's name. We were in high school and Laya carried that little dog around with her like it was a sweet baby. Well, it wasn't sweet, it bit me every time I went over there and when we would be in a room alone together it would corner me and snarl. My mother found all of this quite humorous. One time we were in Toronto, hence the international reference, when I saw a dachshund off in the distance coming our way. My mother told me I was being ridiculous, "see Kate, it's on a leash, there is no conspiracy." Oh my god, as the little dog passed it jumped up and bit me on the arm. Those little buggers can jump I tell you. After that my mother still found the whole thing humorous but became a little more open to the conspiracy theory. I spent the next 20 years or so successfully avoiding dachshunds until a week ago. Kelly has temporary custody of a long haired one. I was eager to meet her because I thought maybe the long haired variety would be less aggressive. plus, Kelly assured me that it had NEVER bitten anyone. I'll be dammed if the little bugger, who was sitting all pretty like on Kelly's lap, didn't jump up and snap at me nipping my hand. That it, I'm done with wiener dogs! Forever. No more. If I see one I will cross the street, go in side, whatever it takes. And, i want to get my hands on their little black list to see who else is on it, gosh, I hope I'm not the only one.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yeah, Spring has finally sprung. We went to a beautiful wedding this past weekend. The location was so picturesque and my favorite part was the horse drawn carriage ride from your car to the wedding. I have so many shows coming up at work that I am busy from the time I get in and pour the coffee until it's time to pick Snofie up from school. I sit in my cubicle and fill out form after form filled with words like materials handling, drayage and rigging. In the evenings Snofie and I have been walking. It is so relaxing. We walk back through our neighborhood and stop on the little bridge that goes across the creek. It is so beautiful.