Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I sent this email to my baby girl this morning...

Dear Samantha:

This morning in the car we talked about "having a voice" and how you can "make a difference" even if you are not old enough to vote yet. I think you have an amazing voice and that you have a wonderful way of thinking about things. I think you know that your father and I want you to have your own opinion. Of course we would like for you to share our opinion on most things but we know it is best for you to have your own opinions and you do have your own opinions. As you get older I love hearing you express yourself and how more articulate and thoughtful you grow each year.

Today someone I know was talking to their child on the phone and that person called their child an ass hole. OMG! I want you to know that no matter how mad I get at you I would never even think that you were an ass hole ever, no matter what you did!

And, I am sorry that I was snappish last night... my head hurt and I was tired. I know, that is no excuse for snapping at you but I wanted you to know I am sorry and that it was me, not you. Plus, once I start sometimes I just can't help myself and I keep on snapping... pretty crazy huh!


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stephanie@craftylolly.com said...

Wow, very impressive Kate, that was a wonderful thing you did to apologize and show Samantha that you 'are human' and can make mistakes. I agree with you, how could anyone say that to their child? There are so many parents who should not be, that is appalling.