Friday, February 6, 2009

Dads and conferences...

We had Samantha's parent teacher conference last night and it went really well. I love Samantha's teachers. She has been so lucky each year to have such amazing teachers.

While we waited to be called in for our conference we chatted about my dad or BaBa as Samantha calls him. His name is Bob and when Samantha was a baby she heard my mom call loudly and always twice to him so much that she said : ba ba as one of her first words... so, we have always called him BaBa. Anyway, she asked me why BaBa always pokes her, pinches her, grabs her with bbq tongs and picks her up by the seat of her pants. I told her she had no idea! I told her all about the things BaBa used to do to me when I was little:
  • My 2 front teeth had just come in. Mom went out to do errands and when she came home I was crying. She got me out of my crib and saw that my 2 front teeth were gone. She asked Dad about it and he said I had gotten out of my crib, he put me back in but I hadn't stopped crying... and no, he hadn't noticed that my teeth were gone.
  • When he was putting an exercises bike together for Mom he told me to stick my finger in the spinning front wheel and I did.
  • Once when he was changing a light bulb he told me to put my finger in the socket and I did.
  • There were many many very well packed snowballs.
  • He would hide in dark rooms and grab me when I'd walk by.
  • He tried to tip over a port a potty I was in when we were skiing.
  • When I went to college we had these Opus penguins with our names on them on our dorm room doors and Dad drew a widow's peak on the forehead of my penguin. (I cried & Mom yelled at him.)
  • When I got married he told John that I had a no return policy so he was stuck with me.
  • When we danced at my wedding he tried to pull the pearls off the back of my dress while the photographer was taking our picture.
  • When I was in pre-school I was a clown for Halloween. We have all these happy pictures of me in my clown costume with my big orange balloon. Then there are the pictures where I am crying with no balloon. Mom asked him why he popped it and he said he wanted to see what I would do... duh.
  • I used to slide down the stairs on my butt and one time Dad let me sit on his lap and we slid down the stairs. Then he sat on my lap and slid down the stairs.

This is only the list I could think of while were were sitting outside Samantha's classroom. I'm sure there are many other things! I called Dad on my way to work this morning and reminded him of all my memories. We had a good laugh.

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