Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Enjoying Summer...

The Fourth of July was really fun. John drove the SWAT vehicle in the parade and Samantha and I rode with him. I love a parade, especially when I'm in it waving to people. Then we watched fireworks with Kelly and her family. There were some sprinkles but not enough to deter us. We just constructed a tent out of blankets in between our cars. It was quite a sight but totally fun.

I have been trying to sit outside on the front porch and read in the evenings and watch the world go by. It is so relaxing and totally what summer is all about. I wish I could have those nights all year long! The other evening while I was on the porch I put on the lotion from the hotel in Indy and it reminded me of our stay there, walking along the canal in the evening and watching Samantha swim in the pool. It's just a little bottle so when it's gone I'm going to have to go online and buy a bigger one. I noticed that the Westin has a web site where you can buy that kind of stuff. Don't you just love how certain smells remind you of special memories.

This week John's dad is in town. He and Lita have their RV at the fairgrounds again for the car show this weekend. This year he brought a 1961 Willys station wagon. It is just adorable.

Yesterday we went to the Zoo and finally got to see the baby elephant who was born at the end of April. The last several times we went there was over an hour wait to see him but yesterday there was no wait at all. He is so cute! He followed his mother around and get treats from one of the keepers.

After the Zoo we went downtown to Mongolian BBQ... yummy! I love it when John's dad is in town because it feels like we are on vacation too. (Plus, everyone know about my fascination with RV parks...)

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