Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cranky Day

I am having a totally cranky day today. I don't have them very often so when I do it's like everything anyone says or does pisses me off. At work I end up yelling at Ellen because she is right there next to me and at home I end up yelling at John and Samantha because they are right there as well.

One of the things pissing me off is that on Saturday we signed Samantha up for band and purchased her flute. The sales rep at the school told us we couldn't bring Samantha's flute home until band stars in two weeks. I was really mad because I wanted to play her flute. Plus other sales reps let their people take their instruments home so because we got this specific rep we were told no. I know, I know... this is the dumbest thing in the whole world to be mad at but I am still mad none the less...

Then there are the people in the pine trees... Several residents have contacted John and myself to see if the HOA can help them with an issue they are having with people hiding in the pine trees across the road from them, shining laser lights and running through their yard at night. This is pissing me off because it has been going on for over a year and we have just found out about it. The pissing me off part is these people have been dealing with it for so long and it has them scared about their safety and by the time they have come to us they are at their most frustrated. Stupid tree people. John and I found a little camp they have in the pine trees. Why would someone want to hang out in s grove of pine trees and shine laser lights in peoples windows at 4am for over a year. What is wrong with people.

But, tomorrow is another day and this too shall pass...

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