Monday, November 2, 2009

October 2009

Wow, I can't believe it is almost the end of the year! Fall is flying by just as fast as the summer months did.

I had the swine flu in October which was awful. I was sick for a week and then so exhausted for another whole week that I couldn't do anything. It's amazing all the little things you do that you don't even realize until you spend two weeks not doing them! But, I am all better now and am faithfully taking my Airborne so I won't get sick again this year.

Samantha started band. She is playing the flute. I am amazed at how musically inclined she is. She has quite an ear and really hears the music. She does well at hearing something and then playing it back. I was never good at that at all. My mother had me play piano, clarinet, flute and the oboe but my ear was horrible. I did fine but never enjoyed it as much as I could have. Samantha looks so cute carrying her flute case off to school.

For Halloween Samantha decided she wanted to be a squirrel. I got some brown fur and sewed her a tail, a little vest and some ears. She had fun trick-or-treating with her friend Avery. Avery went as a cow girl. At one point Samantha said her tail was getting heavy so Avery walked along side her in her little pink coy girl hat holding Samantha's squirrel tail. It was so sweet. They looked like they should be an illustration in a children's book.

John is so happy! Samantha finally agreed to go shooting. John bought her a pink rifle. She did really well. (Better than I do!) I love that she now has an activity to share with her daddy.

We had parent teacher conferences in October and Samantha is doing well in all of her classes. She really loves school, especially math. Every Wednesday at Skyline she and Tara sit in a booth together and work on their math page for the accelerated match program. I love that!

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Jess said...

Hi there, I've gotten so bad about checking the blogs I've got to get better about it. So much has been happening! I am glad Samantha is doing so well in school. I can tell she's a great kid. I can't believe you had swine flu, I hope you are much better now.