Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost Christmas

We have a wee bit of snow. It's kind of a light dusting and hasn't turned to slushy mush yet so it still looks pretty.

Every year I try to do something different for Advent. This year I got Samantha a chocolate a day calendar. She especially loves that they first chocolate had a squirrel imprinted on it! She honestly still thinks that there is a chance she will get a real live pet squirrel from Santa.

My Dad is going nuts with the new Kittinger table. He won't let Mom put anything on it. I asked if we will have to hold our plates in our laps when we eat on it. She did not find that one bit amusing.

Mom hasn't been able to walk Pepper like she had because Dad tried to kill her with some sort of portable heater that he got for the living room. Their living room is 900 square feet and all windows so it gets really cold in there along with the fact that they keep the thermostat set at 64 frickin degrees. So, the heater leaked some sort of noxious fumes that messed with Mom's already messed up breathing. She said that every day at noon Pepper walks herself down to the creek taking the same route they usually take and periodically looking over her shoulder for my Mom. What a crazy dog.

And, while we are on the subject of my mother, she lost her John Denver & The Muppet's Christmas album for her record player. I can't imagine what she might have done with it and she said she has looked everywhere. So, I thought I'd go on eBay to see if I could find one.. Well, who knew that would be such an expensive item... $25 for a 35 year old record with singing puppets... OY!

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Carol said...

Kate the Great!! What a cool name! I just stumbled onto your blog via another one that a friend had posted. Your writing style is very interesting and fun to read. I had to laugh about the John Denver album part because he was, is and always will be my most favorite singer ever and I rarely come across any reference to him!! I finally did let go of my record collection, but I believe I have every song he did on CD, as well as several movies he made. Thanks for the August 1st memory! Carol