Thursday, January 7, 2010

Backyard Sheds

Recently we had a storage shed built in our backyard. It is just adorable, matches our house and made our garage even tidier than it was.

Well, last night I discovered the down side to a backyard shed... when you need something that had previously been in the attached garage you now have to tread through the snow in the back yard.

I suppose it was funny but not at the time. It was around 8pm and we were watching TV when we heard one of the smoke detectors beep that it's battery was low. It took a bit to figure out which detector it was coming from, living room or bed room. We have cathedral ceilings in our bedroom and even standing on a chair didn't quite reach.

So, we had to go out to the shed to get the ladder. Yuck, snow in my boots! There were icicles on the shed door that made it hard to open and it was cold... whine and complain. John tried to throw a snowball at me but I quickly pointed out that the person who stayed in the warm house had no right to throw a snowball at the person who went out in the cold to the shed. Then I poked him with one of the icicles I'd carried back in.

John changed the battery in the detector with our last 9 volt battery. About 5 minutes later the darn thing started beeping again! I offered ear plugs but it wasn't much help so John went to the store for more batteries and he changed them in all the detectors.

The ladder is still in the house... anyone want to come over an take it back out to the shed?

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