Thursday, January 10, 2008

The weather has gone from in the 60's to back in the 30's. I know this is really what January is supposed to feel like but I don't care very much for the cold.

I am finding it strange that it does not feel like a new year to me. I wonder if it is because we were on vacation and I was not at home with time to reflect on 2007 and make resolutions for 2008. As I have mentioned before I love making lists and so my resolutions are rather more like lists of things I wish to do.

I guess now is as good a time as any to make a list for 2008:

1. Clean out Samantha's bedroom and playroom
2. Drink more water
3. Go hiking in the Hocking Hills with Samantha to identify birds and animal tracks
4. Convince John and Samantha to go canoing with me
5. Finish making Samantha's blanket (I feel bad... she sees me making things for everyone else and I haven't made her anything yet...)

(To be continued...)

So, the other day I was driving home and heard a pop and there, on my windshield, appeared a crack. It is right up against the molding around the windshield and keeps growing. 2003 and 2004 Honda Elements have windshields that "crack with little or no impact". There was no recall but rather a class action lawsuit settled where "Honda will repair cracked windshields presumptively under a special campaign". But the dealer where we purchased 2 brand new vehicles in one day will not fix it because they say a rock caused it. Duh... We went round and round and got nowhere. But then John said Mark has a friend who is the service manger at another Honda dealer and I called him. I am taking the Element in on Saturday and he said he is 85% sure he can help me. I certainly hope so. It turns out this guy's dad was Eddie at the police department. I loved Eddie and wave to him every time I go to the cemetery to visit Terry. Terry, Mikey and John's grand father are all in the same general area but Eddie is in a mausoleum a ways away so I usually just wave to him. So anyway, this Honda guy, Chris was telling me how cool he is. Then we moved on to talking about Mark. I said I love Mark because he has a Corvette and he let me drive it. Chris said he's never gotten to drive it and that wasn't fair. I replied: That's just how cool I am! He sounds like a good guy and I hope my Element thinks so too.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I agree Kate, lists are awesome and the best part is crossing off chores as they are completed. You have inspired me to do a 2008 list of things to do, because there are many!!