Saturday, February 2, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences

Yesterday we had Samantha's parent teacher conference... Miss C had sent a note home saying that we should only schedule a conference if our child was having trouble of some sort... Samantha is not but I do know that everyone always schedules a conference anyway so I emailed Miss C and asked her if we should come in or not... She said she would schedule us for Thursday at 5:45pm as long as we brought chocolate cake... We did and Miss C and Miss Raymond were very happy since they had been stuck at school through dinner time... Samantha is doing really well... She got all A's and A+'s... And, she made the honor roll... We also got to go in and talk to Samantha's music teacher, Mr N... Samantha has been feeling awkward in music because she is timid about playing the instruments and because she thinks Mr N is mean... Mr N is not warm and fuzzy but he is not mean... I'm glad we got the chance to talk with him so we could tell Samantha how nice we think he is, to set her mind at ease... I do have the worlds biggest worry wart for a daughter...

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