Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Samantha starts art lessons today and she is very excited. We went out and purchased all her supplies that she carefully placed in her "art bag" and then this morning she insisted on taking the bag to school. She was so cute that I couldn't say no. I think she wanted to show them to her friends.

It is snowing here... a lot... except it never stays on the ground. I'm not sure which is worse: cold with lots of snow or cold with no snow and just grey slush. And of course I am having coat issues... I have this full length down coat which is the warmest thing ever but everyone laughs at it because it makes me look very puffy... then there is the comfortable fleece which is not warm at all... I have been wearing my latest thrift store coat: a vintage fur... beaver... it is very warm but it's not big enough to wear a sweater under... (You know John just loves asking everyone if they want to pet his wife's beaver...) And then there is my other vintage coat: long black with a mink collar but it is quite heavy... Anyway, I guess I am just thankful that I have a coat...

So, I thought I would fill you all in on the latest stupid thing I did: John and I are doing this block watch thing and we've been working with this police officer who sets these things up... Well, I'd seen him about 4 times or so but always in his uniform and police hat... so when he showed up at our door in his regular clothes with no hat I had no idea who he was... but I opened the door and held it open for him to come on in... He could tell I had no idea who he was and he asked why on earth did I open the door... um, he had a package, duh... He and John of course think I'm nuts but I totally am sticking behind my logic: guy with a package at your door... you want the package, right!

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gmcountrymama said...

Oh dear, I lock the screen door immediately if a stranger is at my door. I know, paranoid.