Thursday, April 9, 2009

Earth Day Projects

My friend Kelly gave me her library card # so I can pick up her reserves when I go to the library. She always has books on reserve because she loves to read, has 3 kids and is a pre-school teacher. Anyway, the other day I picked up a book for her entitled: "Every Day is Earth Day". It has the cutest children's projects for Earth Day that I thought I would share with you.

My favorite is the Seedling Necklace: It is a small plastic jar on a string with seeds that germinate in a wet cotton ball inside the jar. You can wear the necklace and watch your seedlings sprout and then plant them in a flower pot.

And, I also liked the Paperweight Rock: Paint & decorate a rock... simple but fun. They suggested using it outside in the summer to keep the pages of a book or coloring pages from blowing away.

How cute...


Karen MEG said...

Those are great projects!
Thanks for popping in to my blog and commenting, hope I didn't scare you with my hair project :).

Your daughter sounds like an absolute sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

That seedling necklace is brilliant and such a great way for kids to discover natures wonder.