Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last night Samantha and I went to our very first mosaics class with Susie. It was amazing. I am making a sunflower for my mom for mother's day and can't wait to finish it next week. Samantha is making a peace sign. the studio was beautiful and the instructor, Beth's work is fabulous. The very large piece on the wall in the background of the pictures is a tree she did that is so beautiful. It is 4' x 4' with the prettiest shades of pinks, blues and greens. I just loved all the jars with the many colored tiles. they were like jars of candy all lined up on their shelves. Cutting the tiles was the only not so fun part. Half way through I realized i was bleeding from putting my hands down in the tiny glass shards. Susie told me that's normal though. Susie is making a beautiful blue star of David. She specializes in Jewish themed pieces. More pictures to come!


gmcountrymama said...

I love it. Mosaics can be fun and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing for you and Sam to do together, can't wait to see the pics!!