Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sometimes a grey rainy day is the best thing. I love to draw all the curtains, turn on a few lights and snuggle up on the couch with a good book or TV show... like a "Law & Order" marathon. Today is a rainy day. I can't wait to finish work, pick Samantha up from school and hurry home.

John is going to work day shift for about 6 or 7 weeks. His hours will be 7am - 3pm and this means that he will be home in the evenings... every evening. This also means that I will have to cook dinner for him every night, not just 2 nights a week as I do now. Don't get me wrong, I do make Samantha dinner every night but it's different. She eats small things that can be made in the microwave or sometimes we eat cereal for dinner or a plate of fruit. The problem is: John likes his dinners in a particular way. He like a meat dish and 2 sides and the 2 sides have to "go with" the meat dish. He won't eat any type of breakfast food for dinner and he would laugh at a fruit plate and then ask where the rest of the meal was. I should note that he will cook his own dinner so it is not like he is standing there all "woman, where's my dinner". I've been making a list of meal ideas so that I can have a variety for him. He is not like Samantha and I who can eat macaroni and cheese 12 nights in a row. You know, I am actually kind of looking forward to cooking. I do enjoy it even though I don't do it all that often.

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Jessica said...

That's funny about your husband. Mine must have meat although I don't cook much of it! As to breakfast, sometimes an omelet at night is great, I got DH into liking it. Hell, we've been known to have CEREAL for dinner on occasion!

You know we have no kids, but we both work full time, go to school, I hate cooking dinner anymore, but I'd rather cook something healthy than go to processed microwaveable stuff. I suppose that's the tradeoff eh?

Oh you mentioned fruit? My husband will not have fruit in his salad. I tried throwing some orange in it and apple and he's like "fruit does not go in salad!"