Monday, October 1, 2007

We had the coolest weekend! First of all, the weather was beautiful, totally fall like with cool mornings and warm afternoons. And once again I just have to say how much I love fall.

On Friday John took the day off. He picked me up after work. We had a little over an hour until it was time to pick Samantha up from school so we took a drive out to the air show local to scope everything out. John brought his camera to catch some of the planes flying over. We pulled off on the side of Rhor Rd. and were able to see the Thunderbirds flying by as close as if we had been at the air show! I have been excited about the air show for a few weeks but now my excitement has peaked, I CAN'T WAIT!

The air show is the Final Gathering of Mustangs and Legends. There are about 150 P-51 Mustangs left in existence and there will be 100 of them at the air show along with some of the legends who flew them including members of the Tuskegee Airmen and the WASPS.

On Saturday morning we got to the air show about 8:30am and boy was the line long... it moved fairly quickly and once inside the gates we met Kelly, Tim and the kids. Kelly borrowed a wheelchair from her school. There was no way she would have made it just on her crutches. We got a great spot to sit and watch everything. After we got set up John and Tim went to check out all the static displays. It was amazing to be so close to all those planes from WWII! We watched Mustangs, bombers, various fighters, the B-2 stealth bomber (freaky), the Thunderbirds and some bi-planes.

The Thunderbirds were awesome. Originally I had been more excited about the older planes but now I totally get the attraction to the Thunderbirds. They fly 6 planes, 4 together and then 2 solos. One of the solo pilots is a woman, Major Samantha Weeks. When we were in line waiting to get in Samantha and I were talking about how cool it is that now women can do everything in the military. John told her that they can be fighter pilots and bomber pilots, everything. I said,"that's right, girls can do everything and we do it better." To which Samantha replied: "and in high heels." Several people in line chuckled.

We stayed until after the Thunderbirds which was about 7 hours. Kelly & Tim had to leave because they had to pick Kelly's sister up at the airport & Sean had a birthday party to go to. We decided to leave as well because Samantha had a really bad headache from being out in the sun and all the noise. I felt bad for her because the walk to the car was really long. We had wanted to stay longer but she was really miserable. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the car and along the way we got to see quite a bit more. They had a bunch of bombers flying and a they made it look like they were dropping bombs. There was tons on fire and black smoke. The noise was terrific but not for Samantha though. When we got to the car she climbed in the back seat and was sound asleep by the time John got the wagon loaded in the back.

I hope Samantha is not developing migraines. She seems to get headaches when she is outside for an extended period of time and it doesn't matter how much water we have her drink either. But, when she gets one she falls asleep for an hour or two and when she wakes up she is completely fine.

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