Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Okay, I am having the writing urge again. I get the urge to write fiction a few times a year when I come up with a great idea, start writing and then get bored and never finish. At first not finishing bothered me but now I am okay with the whole thing. It's about the process and not actually a finished product. Maybe one day there will be a finished product but in the meantime the process is fine, it's not broken so there is nothing to fix.


gmcountrymama said...

I agree, you should keep writing no matter if you end up with a finished peice.
I hope Samantha is feeling better now.

Jess said...

Keep it up, keep on writing, don't stop. My mom used to freelance, she's GREAT but having stopped for years, she lost her creativity. Oh I think it's there somewhere but she doesn't seem to think so.

Would love to read your stuff!

Tamara said...

Back in high school I used to write a lot. I'd start books and get to around page 40. Then I'd get bored with my characetrs and kill them all off with one fell swoop.

Perhaps I should've stuck to short stories - I would never have had to get to page 40 :)