Monday, May 19, 2008


We used to have these great neighbors, Dave and Gretchen. John and Dave used to love seeing the UPS truck coming down our street. They would practically salivate and say: "it's coming to my house...", "no, it's coming to my house..." You could see them going down their mental list of all the crap they had recently bought on line as they knew they couldn't say the list out loud in front of us wives. Then they would start twitching in anticipation. My favorite part was when the UPS truck would stop at some other neighbors house. You would have thought they were about to cry.

Anyway, this weekend we were out garage sale-ing when a huge UPS plane flew over. John said: "OH... I BET MY PISTACHIO BRITTLE I ORDERED FROM NEW MEXICO IS ON THAT PLANE!"

That is absolutely pathetic! Pathetic I tell you...really, pistachio brittle... he said he was having a craving...

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