Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well, we finally got over to see Jess' brand new baby, Cadence. Although, I suppose she isn't brand new anymore... she is already 3 weeks old. I had been stalling on going over because I needed to finish crocheting her baby blanket. Anyway, Cadence is beautiful. Samantha really enjoyed seeing a new baby up close and personal. Jess told Samantha that she could come closer and touch her but Samantha felt most comfortable about 10 feet away.

Last night was Skyline night. Kelly and the kids did not go because Tara and Danny had stayed home from school sick. So, Samantha and I met Tacey and Lane there. I felt so bad because we had to bail on Tacey. Samantha got a really bad headache... so bad that she started crying and we had to leave after only being there 30 minutes. Samantha had eaten some of her spaghetti and then had gotten an ice cream. Instead of eating it she held the ice cream in the wrapper on her head. At that point i knew it was time to leave. When we got home Samantha threw up and then fell asleep. Before she fell asleep though she gave instructions to John that he was to wake her up when American Idol came on.

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