Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Story By Samantha

Chapter one

Once there were two friends. There names were Samantha (but she went by Sam) and there was her best friend in the whole wide world Tara. Their favorite thing to do was play video games. Their favorite game was Journey Across the North Pole.

One day Tara said: “I wish we could go to the North Pole.”
“Maybe we can” said Sam.
“Yeah right, how are we going to get there?” said Tara.
“I know how we can get there” said Sam.
“How?” said Tara.
“We could ride on bacon” said Sam. Bacon was Sam’s favorite food.
“How are we going to ride on bacon? You would eat before we even get on it” said Tara.
“You have a good point” said Sam.
“I know we could drive” said Tara.
“Ok we are too young to drive” said Sam.
“Well your mom could drive us” said Tara.
“She is on a business trip” said Sam.
“Ok well how about your dad” said Tara.
“He is out of town” said Sam.
“What about your parents?” asked Sam.
“They went to Hawaii” said Tara.
“Ok well, wait a second I can order a pizza and maybe the pizza guy can drive us” said Sam.
“We don’t even know the pizza guy” said Tara.
“You’re right” said Sam leaving the living room and going into the kitchen.
“Where are you going Sam” asked Tara?
“I am going to get a snack” said Sam.
“What are you getting? Please tell me you are not eating my leftover ham” said Tara.
“I was planning to” said Sam.
“Well don’t. But you can have the leftover bacon” said Tara.
“Thank you” said Sam.
“Ok, so how are we going to get to the North Pole” asked Tara?
“This is bacon is so good” said Sam.
“Where you listening to a word I just said” asked Tara?
“No I was to busy stuffing my face with bacon” said Sam with her mouth full of bacon.
“Well listen this time” said Tara.
“Ok” said Sam.
“Ok, how are we going to get to the North Pole?” repeated Tara.
“Well I do not know lets go outside and see if any thing catches our eyes” said Sam
“Ok” said Tara “we can go outside for a little bit.”
When they got outside: “SNOW” screamed Sam!
“Sam I thought we were out here to think” said Tara.
“Oh just have some fun. it’s the first snow of the year” said Sam.
“I know where there is snow ever day of the year” said Tara.
“Where” asked Sam?
“The place that we are tiring to think of how to get to” said Tara.
“And that would be?” asked Sam.
“THE NORTH POLE” screamed Tara! She said that so loud it was like the whole neighborhood could hear her.
“Well lets’ go inside and look on the internet” said Sam.
“What help is the internet going to do?” asked Tara.
“Well I don’t know” said Sam.
“Lets go and see what help it might do” said Sam. “But first lets go get ham.”
“Why?” asked Tara.
“Because I am hungry” said Sam.
“Ok. We can get ham” said Tara.

Chapter two

After Sam and Tara were done eating their ham they went inside and got on the internet.
“Ok what should we type in?” asked Sam. She was the one typing.
“I think we should type in vehicles” said Tara.
“If we type in vehicles a bunch of cars will pop up” said Sam.
“That’s true” said Tara.
“Maybe we should type in bikes” said Sam.
“Ok that’s good. I mean bikes are perfect” said Tara.
“Ok lets type in bikes: b-i-k-e-s” said Sam.
“Ok lets see… oh look there are two bikes that come together and they are made from recycled things” said Tara.
“Yeah but look how much they cost” said Sam.
“How much do they cost?” asked Tara.
“$450.00” said Sam.
“Oh my gosh!” said Tara.
“Ok lets go find this guy and try to get him to lower the price” said Sam.
“What is his name and where dose he live?” asked Tara.
“His name is Bob and he lives in apartment 3 room A6 and the apartment is on third street” said Sam.
“Ok how are we going to get there?” asked Tara.
“Um well we could walk” said Sam.
“Ok lets go” said Tara.
When they got there they rang the guys doorbell. He answered and said “hello”.
“Is your name Bob?” asked Sam.
“Yes, what do you want?” Bob asked.
“You know those bikes you are selling” said Sam.
“Yeah you want them?” asked Bob.
“Well yeah but we can’t afford them and we were hoping that you could lower the price” said Sam.
“For how much?” asked Bob.
“How about $200.00” said Sam.
“Ok. Here you go” said Bob.
“Thanks” said Sam.
Then Sam and Tara left the apartment and went back home. “Well that was easy” said Tara.
“You did not even talk” said Sam.
“I was scared of him” said Tara.
“Yeah right” said Sam.

Chapter three

Now that Sam and Tara have bikes they are going to start heading for the North Pole.
“Ok before we leave we should call our parents and tell them that we are going to the North Pole” said Tara.
“Oh we don’t have to” said Sam.
“But what if they get home we are gone. They will get worried and call the police and say that their kids are missing and then the police will come and won’t be able to find us. Then we would come back and they would say where were you two and we will say we were at the North Pole and we will be in big trouble” said Tara.
“Calm down we will call them ok” said Sam.
“Ok” said Tara.
So Sam called her mom and dad and Tara called her mom and dad.
“Ok my mom and dad said I could go to the North Pole” said Sam.
“Mine did to” said Tara.
“Yeah! We are going to the North Pole” said Sam and Tara.
“First we should pack some food” said Tara.
“Ok you do that and I will pack some cloths and stuff to keep us warm” said Sam.
“And I will pack some things for us to do” said Tara.
“And I will pack my ipod and mini moveable television” said Sam.
“Ok you do that” said Tara.
“Oh and can you pack ham?” asked Sam.
“Yes” said Tara.
“Thank you” said Sam.
“Ok I am done packing” said Tara.
“Me too” said Sam “lets go”.
Sam and Tara went outside and got on there new bikes and headed off to the North Pole.
“This is going to be so fun” said Sam.
“I know” said Tara.
“Are we almost there?” asked Sam.
“We just started like an hour ago” said Tara.
“But it feels like we have been riding for days” said Sam.
“Stop your complaining Sam” said Tara.
“Why?” asked Sam.
“Because I don’t want to here it all the way there and besides this was your idea” said Tara.
“No, it was your idea” said Sam.
“No it was, oh wait, it was my idea sorry Sam” said Tara.

Chapter Four

Sam and Tara finally made it to the North Pole.
“We made it” said Tara and Sam.
“Hello” said a voice.
“Who was that?” asked Sam.
“I don’t know” said Tara.
“Um hello… who is there?” said Sam.
“I am Caesar” said the voice.
“Will you come with us and help us survive in the cold? We are just visitors” said Tara.
“I will. That is my job, I am a rescue dog” said Caesar.
“A dog?” said Sam.
“Yes… see?” said Caesar.
“You are so cute” said Sam and Tara.
“Thank you” said Caesar “and I will come with on your journey”.
“Caesar I have a question” said Sam.
“Yes?” said Caesar
“How many visitors do you say you have a year?” asked Sam.
“I would say maybe 10” said Caesar.
“And do you always help them?” asked Tara.
“Only if they want my help” said Caesar.
“So why are you guys here?” asked Caesar.
“Oh we just wanted to come we thought it will be fun” said Sam.
“Well it is. You never know what crazy thing will happen here” said Caesar, “especially on the Christmas week”.
“Yeah that’s just like at home” said Sam.
“Where are you guy’s parents?” asked Caesar.
“On trips” said Sam and Tara.
“What made you want to come here?” asked Caesar.
“Our video game” said Tara.
“What is the video game called?” asked Caesar.
“It is called Journey Across the North Pole” said Sam.
“Interesting” said Caesar.
“When did you come here and how long have you been here?” asked Tara.
“Oh I came not to long ago and I was probably here for a year” said Caesar.
“What is it like where you guys live?” asked Caesar.
“Well it is a long way from here and it is warm in the summer and cold in the winter” said Sam.
“What continent, country, and state do you live in?” asked Caesar.
“We live in North America, we live in the USA and we live in Ohio” said Tara and Sam.
“Interesting” said Caesar. Sam and Tara were starting to think interesting was Caesar’s favorite word.
“So how about I show you around” said Caesar?
“Ok” said Sam and Tara.

Chapter five

When Caesar, Sam, and Tara were walking they heard a voice it said “hello there”.
“Who said that” said Sam.
“It’s me Fred the penguin” said the penguin.
“Oh hi, we are new here and we were just walking and talking with Caesar the rescue dog. He is helping us on our journey” said Tara.
“Cool while you are on your journey would you guys and Caesar like to stay with me in my igloo home?” asked Fred the penguin.
“Sure” said Sam, Caesar, and Tara.
So they got all unpacked in Fred the penguin’s guest bedroom and then they went in is living room and had a snack and told him why they wanted to come to the North Pole and how they got the bikes from that guy and where they live and how they meet Caesar and they told him that there parents were on trips and out of town and they told him about their video game and how it gave them the idea to come to the North Pole. After they were done with story they all went to bed and dreamed of what they were going to do tomorrow excepted for Sam she was dreaming of ham.

Chapter Six

In the morning Sam woke up to the smell of bacon. “What is that sweet smell?” Sam asked. She was the last one to wake up.
“It’s turkey bacon” said Fred the penguin.
“Can I have some?” asked Sam.
“Of course. You need your breakfast” said Fred the penguin.
“This is so good” said Sam with her mouth full of turkey bacon.
“So what do you guys want to do today?” asked Tara.
“How about Fred and I show you two around” said Caesar.
“Ok” said Tara.
“But can we have ham first” said Sam.
“You just had breakfast” said Tara to Samantha.
“She loves ham and bacon” said Tara to Caesar and Fred the penguin.
When Sam was done eating her ham they went outside and Caesar and Fred the penguin showed them around.
“If you go through those woods you will end up at Santa’s work shop” said Fred the penguin.
“Cool, lets go” said Sam.
“Wait I want to see the rest of the North Pole” said Tara.
“Ok” said Sam. “After we are done can we go see Santa?” she asked.
“How about before we go home we can go see Santa ok?” said Tara.
“Ok” said Sam.
When they were done with the tour they went back to Fred the penguin’s home and had dinner. They had fish and Sam had fish and ham.

Chapter Seven

In the middle of the night Sam went in the kitchen to get some ham. When she went in the kitchen she saw Fred the penguin sitting on the couch crying.
“Why are you crying?” asked Sam.
“I don’t want to talk about” said Fred the penguin.
“Come on” said Sam.
“NOOO” screamed Fred the penguin.
“Ok” said Sam. “Chill.”
When Fred the penguin screamed it was so loud it woke everyone up.
“What was that scream?” asked Tara.
“Oh nothing” said Sam.
“Why are you crying?” asked Caesar.
“I don’t want to talk about it” said Fred the penguin.
“Come on” said Caesar.
“Caesar” said Sam.
“What?” said Caesar.
“Why did you say that?” said Sam.
“I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT” screamed Fred the penguin at the top of his lungs!
“Ok let’s not bother Fred the penguin today” said Tara.
“Let’s go outside” said Tara.
“Let’s have snowball fights” said Caesar.
“First can we have ham?” said Sam.
“Sure” said Tara and Caesar.
After they were done eating ham they went outside and had a snowball fight. When they came back inside Fred the penguin was not crying any more so he made them dinner. They had French onion soup with crackers and fish and asparagus and apple slices and French fries and of course just for Sam they had ham! It was like a feast.

Chapter Eight

The next day Tara, Sam, Caesar, and Fred the penguin all went and took a walk around the ice pond. Then they went ice fishing and they had lunch. They had ham sandwiches.
“These were good” said Sam.
“Why were you crying yesterday?” asked Tara.
“Well I was watching the news and there was a fire. I was looking very closely and I saw that it was an apartment. It was the apartment that my mom lives in. Then I got scared so I turned off the television and started to cry” said Fred the penguin.
“Oh I am sorry” said Caesar, Sam, and Tara.
“That’s ok” said Fred the penguin.
“So how about we go outside and build snow forts” said Sam.
“Ok” said Tara.
“Are you coming Fred the penguin?” asked Sam.
“No” said Fred the penguin.
“Ok I hope you come out soon” said Caesar.
“I really feel bad for Fred the penguin” said Tara.
“I do too” said Sam.
“I know we should make him dinner” said Caesar.
“Yeah let’s go” said Sam and Tara.
They went inside and made Fred the penguin a big feast and they had fun eating it with him too.

Chapter Nine

It was Sam and Tara’s time to say good-bye to Caesar and Fred the penguin.
“It was nice spending time with you guys” said Tara and Sam.
“We’ve got to get home for Christmas Eve. We will miss you” said Sam and Tara.
“Well see you guys later” said Caesar and Fred the penguin.
“Let’s go and see Santa” said Sam.
“Ok” said Tara.
So, Sam and Tara went through the woods and ended up at Santa’s work shop.
“Let’s go inside” said Sam.
“Ok” said Tara .
So they went inside and said “Hello Santa are you here?”
“Ho ho ho. Hello. How are you two? Is it Samantha and Tara?” said Santa.
“Yes but I go by Sam” said Sam.
“Well what are you two doing here?” asked Santa.
“Well we just wanted to see what the North Pole is like” said Sam and Tara.
“Are you two heading back home?” asked Santa.
“Yes” said Sam and Tara.
“Well would you like me to give you a ride? I was just about to start going around to start dropping off presents” said Santa.
“Sure” said Sam and Tara.
So, Santa took Sam and Tara home.

Chapter Ten

On Christmas day Sam and Tara went down and opened presents and there was a special present from Caesar, Fred the penguin, and Santa. It was a photo of them! They put it in a special spot and they told there moms and dads about there trip and how they are going there every year and Santa is going to give them a ride home. At the end of the day Tara and Sam said “this is the best Christmas ever!”


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