Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Almost 11!

The bunnies: Buttercup, Daffodil and Petunia are still in the backyard. It was so tempting to reach out and grab Petunia last night, she was so close and sitting so still. Yes, we can tell them apart. Buttercup has a white streak on her forehead, Daffodil is darker and Petunia is lighter. I want to pick them up and snuggle them but we are concerned that the mother will take offense. We are hoping that they will get used to us checking up on them every evening and stay in the yard. they are so adorable that I would almost be ok with them eating my plants!

Samantha is turning 11 in 9 days! Last night I was sitting on her bed while she tried on her new shorts. I noticed her brown clogs and slipped them on. They fit perfectly! OMG! We are entering dangerous territory here. The brown clogs are now in my closet because Samantha said I could borrow them!


Dawn said...

How fun to be able to share shoes with your daughter! I'm looking forward to that with mine.

'Lizabeth said...

Next thing you know she'll be borrowing your shoes and then it's on to the clothes. This is going to a fun period with her too. Fashion advice, the whole works. Enjoy every moment.