Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Bunnies

We have 3 adorable baby bunnies in our back yard. On Saturday evening we were enjoying family time out on the deck. We had hamburgers on the grill and after we ate John and I relaxed and chatted while Samantha played on her swings. I absolutely love times like these and try to presently imprint them in my mind to recall on those dark and cold February days when summer seems a long way off.

Samantha saw a baby bunny from one of her swings and we went to investigate the little guy. Oh so tiny, furry and cute... and we named her Buttercup!

A little while later I asked Samantha where Buttercup was. She said she was sitting there in the garden watching her. I said I was too... we have 2 baby bunnies! We named the second one Daffodil.

Then Petunia, the third appeared. We had to make sure we could see all three at once as conformation that there really were three. Their nest is under one of our Weigelia bushes and I'd love to see them all snuggled in there.

We had a wonderful time watching them and then checking on them the rest of the weekend. I'm glad they have a beautiful and safe yard to grow up in.

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