Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Organic Square Pants

This morning I couldn't help but think about how lucky we are to live in a place where we are free and life is good. When I dropped Samantha off at school this morning her friend Gwen, Samantha and I had a pretty in depth conversation about which characters are the smartest on Sponge Bob... yes, really, we chatted at great length charting the order of their intelligence. I would give you the run down but I can't remember.

I have slowly been making a switch to using organic products... for our health and for the environment. I don't think we will ever be a totally organic family but I do want to switch for the things that really count. So far we use organic milk because it is better for us and for the cows. We use cage free eggs. I have read that organic eggs vs. regular eggs are not that much different in terms of health benefits so we do this one for the chicken's happiness. We eat organic apples for our health and locally grown apples when they are in season. We use organic dishwasher soap and cleaners for the environment. And we recently switched to organic beef for our health as well as for the cows well being. My next step is going to be to switch to organic coffee and organic laundry soap. I want to switch to organic coffee because most of it is grown on farms where the workers are paid a fair wage and where deforestation techniques are not used. Samantha has really been into the whole organic thing too. I love involving her in shopping and cooking because I have found by including her she is much more willing to try new things.

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Jess said...

OMG we ARE alike aren't we Kate????

DH and I have slowly switched to organic as you might have gathered from some of my posts. Publix isn't exactly consistent in carrying the products but they try. Once they stopped carrying 8th continent soy, we switched to the "Greenwise" (their organic label) plain soy and it's great!!!

We use organic vegs/fruits anytime we can. Sure they cost more but not only do they taste better, they are better for us. Now, there are certain vegs/fruits which we are better off eating organic because of their thin skins and others which are ok because of thick skins. I don't necessarily buy organic bananas because they're not likely to be absorbing pesticides, whereas apples are a huge target so we go organic with them.

Also we switched to Maverick meats and Springer Mountain chicken both which are organic and from FREE RANGE animals!!! Greenwise meat is NOT free range but is natural and there's a difference. I want my animals to be treated humanely and not locked up in cages! The Maverick buffalo meat hot dogs are great. I have no problem with eating buffalo IF the animals are treated humane and Maverick does just that. let me know what you think of their products! Their ribeyes are delicious!

As to cleaners, I use 409 in my kitchen BUT could switch to Simple Green. I love simple green, we used it years ago in the military. I used it recently to wash our vinyl siding and it worked great. DH uses it all the time to wash the car. Do you use it in your kitchen? If so, how do you like it?

Where can I find organic dishsoap, laundry soaps and dishwasher soaps?

Did you know too there's such a thing as recycled paper towels?

We should talk more about this!! I'm so glad to find someone else who is doing this not just for health reasons but for moral reasons too!!

Hugs, Jess