Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Front Porch

Every year I get nervous when I plant annuals. They seem to either do really well or just plain suck at our house. This year the front porch turned out really well. I am definitely doing the ivy again. There is enough shade that I could do the vinca which I love. It's nice to sit out here in the evenings while Samantha plays.

I sat out here yesterday afternoon while John painted the shutters, front door and garage door. (of course the pictures are to follow!) It was a nice afternoon / evening. Samantha started out and helped John paint the shutters. She did such an amazing job. I just love that she is not a little kid anymore and she can really do big things now. Of course she got bored and went over to Hannah's house to play. Then she played in our yard with the neighbor girl and her friend.

Ryan came over and stayed for dinner and "America's Got Talent". We grilled bbq chicken and steak which was soooooo good. While we were out we saw the new neighbor pull into his new driveway so we went over to say hello. As we were chatting I watched a hot air balloon float overhead. The sky was perfectly blue and there were big whit puffy clouds and the balloon. It was beautiful. I'm sure Roderick, the new neighbor, thinks I'm nuts because every minute or so I would point at the balloon and say: oh my gosh that's beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me, and that chicken and steak sounds good, I'm hungry!!

Jess said...

The house looks great, I love the RED!

By the way, I hate having TV on for noise! We have one TV in the living room and one desktop flat screen in our office but I try to be sure both aren't on at the same time. DH likes to watch the one in the office when he's working in there, but only if I'm watching something different which is rare. There's no way I can justify watching the SAME program in two rooms. We went without TV for awhile, just watching our DVD's and I didn't miss Dish then DH talked me into it...again!