Monday, August 25, 2008

Obstacle Course of Sorts...

This weekend Samantha said she was going to make an obstacle course. (This was after I told her to stop walking around the kitchen table in circles or she'd make herself sick.) I told her that was a neat idea and asked if I could help. We decided that I would make a list of things she needed to do with a starting point and an ending point. I started the list and then thought of a brilliant idea: I can add chores in here! Here is the list:
  1. Start at the kitchen table
  2. Walk around the coffee table
  3. Touch the "Lazy Hog" plaque hanging on the wall
  4. Sit in Kelly's chair
  5. Look out the front door
  6. Stand in the tub
  7. Sit in the cloud chair
  8. Lay down in the big bed
  9. Lay down in your bed
  10. Fold & put away the laundry in the dryer
  11. Kiss Hannah, Leah, Star and Jamie
  12. Hug your mother
  13. Let Oreo Jr. slide down the railing on the stairs... hold onto him so he doesn't fall
  14. Smell Daddy's sneakers
  15. Put Mr. B in the freezer
  16. Put your box of crayons and markers away
  17. Put the lid from the lemonade pitcher on your head and walk around the kitchen table without holding into it
  18. Do two cartwheels in the back yard
  19. Put Daddy's sneakers away in the closet
  20. Put on Daddy's slippers and walk around the kitchen table with them on, then put them away in the closet
  21. Hug your mother again
  22. Get Mr. B out of the freezer
  23. End at the kitchen table

She had the best time and I got the laundry put away with out even having to get up!

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gmcountrymama said...

Brilliant! What a way to get chores done.I will try it at my house.