Saturday, August 30, 2008

Water Fire

On Friday evening we all went downtown for Water Fire. I was so excited that we got to go with John this year since he now works day shift. I knew it would be right up his ally and it was.

When we'd watched the fires and the Ballet Met dancers for a bit we decided to take a walk around downtown. John wanted to see the new NBC 4 studios so we walked a few blocks. We felt like tourists in our own home town.

At one point I noticed a homeless man and thought he was somewhat icky. Then we watched another man bring him a sandwich and immediately I felt ashamed for my thinking bad thoughts about him. At that point I pointed him out to Samantha and John and told them how the man had given him a sandwich. We had a good discussion about how everyone is a person who deserves respect... how it is not nice to judge others and how you should be nice to everyone because it's the right thing to do and it says something good about you. Then I spent the rest of the time feeling thankful for my family and all that we have as well as the special times we spend together.

While we were walking we heard thunder and made it back to the car just in time... The rain began coming down in buckets. I felt bad for the dancers who weren't able to finish their performance as well as the homeless; I hope they have somewhere that will keep them dry. On the way home it rained so hard we couldn't see. Cars were pulled off all over the highway. I prayed that we'd get home safely to our nice dry home!

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