Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Stuffed Animal Round Up

Samantha decided to count all of her stuffed animals and make a card for each one with it's name and type of animal!!!
There are 286! I tried to get as many as I could in the picture... the other picture is of the stack of cards...
I love how when she puts her mind to something she really sees it through and I love her creativity. I hope these are an indication of how she will tackle other things in her life.


Anonymous said...

OMG Kate that's what you call dedication, doing on those name tags

Jess said...

After I read the post, I went in and counted mine, I have 88. Dh keeps buying them for me, and I have several from when i was a kid and over the years. I wish I still had the "minnie mouse" my parents bought me at a trip to Disney World back in the early 70's. She had a pink polka-dotted dress and a little bonnet to match. I would like to donate some of these to the Children's ward at Shands Hospital but it's so hard to part with them. They all mean something to me. I finally had DH build shelves high on the wall in a spare bedroom where they could be placed out of the way!