Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Parade

Every year we have so much fun at the Labor Day Festival in town. We go to concerts, eat and play games at the festival on Saturday and Sunday nights and then we go to the parade on Monday. This year John worked. Samantha sat with my friend Anjie and her daughters: Sarah and Maggie. Sarah is Samantha's age and she is in Tara's class this year. Sarah sort of reminds me of Tara, kind and thoughtful. I noticed her last year and thought she and Samantha might like each other. Also, I wanted to become friends with her mom, Anjie... she looked like someone I would be friends with and it turned out I was right. Maggie is 2 years younger and I am so proud of Samantha for including her. I don't know if it is really that she includes her so much but more that she doesn't exclude her. Above the girls are waiting patiently (yeah right) for the parade to begin and there is my crazy child with her candy bag on her head. Sarah and Maggie listened to me when I said: "Get those stupid bags off your heads and let me take a nice picture!"

Here is Samantha with her switch teacher from last year, Ms Raymond.

Yeah! The parade is about to begin and here are the girls waiting for candy. I hate the candy because it always gets all melty by the time we get home. We have a fridge shelf full of cooling candy now...

Aren't they precious... I wish I'd snapped some pictures of them petting the various wet dogs who were in the parade... there was a guy with a garden hose spraying people, the football team, the cheerleaders... and he helped out the hot pooches too. The girls had to pet each wet dog!

This funny looking thing is for my father in law. We saw it the other night and John asked if I'd get a picture of it if it happened to be in the parade. He said it had been at the car show this past July and his dad hadn't gotten a picture of it... so, here it is, whatever the thing is...

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