Thursday, December 13, 2007

John's 40th birthday was yesterday. We took him to Old Bag of Nails for dinner. He loves Rubens and they have a great Ruben. I wouldn't know as I don't care for them but he says it's good. They are totally remodeling the down town Gahanna area so it took us forever to find a place to park. So, after dinner we were walking back to our car and we found the coolest display of Christmas lights along the creek. We were all tired and decided to come back another evening to walk along the wooded creek trail and look at them.

I've mentioned the annoying little girl at school who waits with us in the morning. Well, I've recently discovered that she has a really bad home life. (So, even though she is annoying I have to realize that it is not her fault...) The other day we were all waiting at school and Paul had on a pin that said: I am loved. Paul had gotten a few at church and he gave one to the annoying girl and I pinned it on her. She smiled and it was quite touching. I hope it really did make her feel loved... It's not her fault her family sucks...

The other day John said they had to go to the high school because there was a report of a kid who had brought a gun to school. He said it's pretty weird walking down the halls of your alma mater carrying a rifle.

Today we celebrated Cary's 10 year anniversary at work. We had lunch and Carla read a poem she, Kim and Ellen had written and then everyone told funny stories about Cary. It was really nice.

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