Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last night we went to kid's night at Skyline. The girls made reindeer puppets. Tacey wasn't there this week but she had left a gift for Kelly and me, the prettiest pair of earrings that she made. I still can't believe it is Christmas next week! So, for 3 years I have ordered the exact same thing every single week at Skyline: a small 3 way and cheese fries... But, last night I changed my order and have found a new favorite thing. When we got there I passed by a table where a woman had a chili burrito with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. It looked so good and I told Ciera that is what I wanted. She was so surprised to see me change my order after all this time.

Samantha had told me that she hasn't ever been the star student in her music class and it seemed like everyone else had. I sort of felt bad for her but didn't want to jump in and solve something that a) wasn't a problem and b) that I didn't have all the information about. I really want Samantha to learn to get all the information, process it and then be able to solve the issue herself or ask for specific help if she can't solve it herself. Anyway, she told me she is finally star student! She was very excited and the wait made finally being star student that much more special.

Tonight is our holiday party for work. We draw names for a gift exchange every year and this year I drew Cary's name. I finished her scarf last night. It is out of some super soft rust colored wool and I can't wait to give it to her. I also am giving her one of the candles we made.

The candles are a whole other story... We made them over the weekend and when they dried all the way they had big dips / holes in the middle. So, yesterday I heated up more wax and set about pouring it in to fill the holes... But, the wicks then sank into the new, hot wax. I had to pull them out and try to prop them up so they wouldn't fall back into the wax. They were already cut though which made it really difficult. But they are finally done and ready to be wrapped up!

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gmcountrymama said...

Sounds like you are all ready for Xmas. Sorry your candles didn't work out exactly right. I was making spritz cookies yesterday and my cookie press broke!
Glad to hear Samantha is a star finally! E complained that she didn't get a speaking part in her holiday music program but then she ended up being picked to sing a song with just a few other children which made her feel better.