Saturday, July 19, 2008

The beeping Audi

Dad doesn't wear his seat belt so the car beeps and beeps and beeps... he doesn't seem to care though...

On Saturday we all went into Hamburg, NY for the Hamburger Festival. They had hamburgers made with the original recipe: ground beef, coffee grounds and brown sugar. They were quite good. While we were waiting for our burgers Dad asked where the beer tent was. The Hamburger Guy told him that it didn't open until 3pm. When he saw how upset Dad was he got him a vodka and cranberry juice. Dad asked him how much he owed him for the drink and the Hamburger Guy said it was from the stash he brought to make it through the festival. Then when Dad was trying to put condiments on his burger he wouldn't let me hold the drink for him. I told him he was going to drop something but he said he didn't want me to get any of his drink. He cracks me up.

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