Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Up Up and Away...

We really enjoy the balloons that fly over our neighborhood in the evenings. They are so serene and beautiful. Someday Samantha and I wan tot ride in one. John won't go because he is afraid of heights... maybe we can trick him because I know he would enjoy it once he was up there.

We went for a family bike ride at Three Creeks park. They have extensive trails that go through woods, fields and along creeks. We love it there and this was our first family ride of the summer. Along one of the creeks there were people bringing a canoe up out of the creek. It looked like so much fun and reminded Samantha of our rafting trip in the Hocking Hills. There was a giant puddle that went across the entire trail that we had to ride through. On the way back there was a family wadding in it with their rubber rain boots and the dad was taking pictures of them. It is exactly why I love the park!

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Jess said...

When I was growing up in Miami, the hot air balloons would set up in the schoolyard down the street from our house and then go up into the air on Sunday mornings. I have a pic somewhere that my grandfather took with his polaroid instamatic that is breathtaking, nothing but beautiful bly sky with a balloon in it. Now I gotta find it and post!