Thursday, March 8, 2007

At Skyline last night Kelly and I talked about The Prom again with Ciera and we began reminiscing about our own prom. Oh my god, was that really 20 years ago. Gosh, I suddenly feel old. We decided that we would bring in our prom pictures next week. When we got home I dug mine out. I have 2 sets of pictures because I went to an all girls school and my boyfriend went to an all boys school equalling 2 proms. Mark Pawlowski was my boyfriend. I wonder whatever happened to him.

As I was digging through old papers and photographs I came across my journal entries from the summer of 1994. During the summer of 1994 I lives in a tiny little second floor apartment with my bunny rabbit, Murray and was manager of a small menswear store. It was a memorable summer because it was the summer I met my husband, PoPo Pop.

Guys I wouldn't mind dating:
1. Po Po Pop
2. Kevin with the freckle on his lip
3. Rick the blonde lawyer
(I don't remember Rick and Kevin turned out to be gay.)
I asked JK what he thought about my having a thing for PoPo Pop, whether he thought I was barking up the wrong tree or not... Anyway, he didn't say too much. I am going to invite PoPo Pop to go out with all of us on Thursday... if I get up enough nerve.
(I did ask him and he said he couldn't because he had to go to Weight Watchers!)
I have been in Philadelphia since Thursday. I am so glad I got the chance to come out here. My goals are:
1. To sell more... at least $3000 a week
2. To get to know PoPo Pop better.
I can't stop thinking about him... I wonder if he did maybe possibly like me if he wouldn't ask me out because I used to date JK? Because JK works with him and all... I really do hope he would ask me out.
I still do want to get to know PoPo Pop but when he asked me out it was really awkward. JK thinks it was just because he was nervous. He said I heard you like me... why... and, I'll go out with you if you want. Well, that just made me feel about 2 feet tall. When I see him tomorrow I am going to say something like: I want to get to know you better but I feel like you asked me out because JK told you I like you instead of because you want to... Do you want to take me out or do you feel like you have to?
PoPo Pop came by and said: Do you still want to go out and I said: If you want to but not if it's a problem and he said: I can't figure out why you like me and I said: You are nice and he said: If I'd known you were interested I would have asked you out before now.
I wen to dinner last night with PoPo Pop. He took me to Spaghetti Warehouse. It was so much fun. I really like him. Afterwards we watched "The Pelican Brief" at my apartment. I really like him. Tonight he brought his dog, Samantha over and we went for a walk. He is so cute and so nice.
(Yes, we named our daughter after a dog...)
I love walking down memory lane!

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Crystal said...

So sweet. I wish I would have kept a journal. I've known my (don't laugh) Big Daddy (how dumb is that) since I was 13. We both have different memories. Mine are clear as bell though.
Did you ever see, is it The Diary about an older couple & the wife has alzheimers?