Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I absolutely love sitting at the kitchen table in the mornings with Snofie. We drink coffee, eat breakfast and talk.

This morning we talked about dealing with difficult people. She is having J issues again. She said that J follows her around and says mean things: "Tara is mean and I don't like her" and "You can't be friends with Hayley." Snofie wishes that J would just leave her alone. We talked about so much and I hope it helps Snofie. I am so proud of Snofie for recognizing that it is not healthy to have a friend that doesn't treat you nicely. And, I am proud of her for basically ignoring J and treating J badly.

Here are some of the things I told Snofie:
1. Some people think that if they put someone else down it will make them feel good.
2. Life if full of dealing with difficult people so it's good to learn to deal with them.
3. Feeling sorry for them sometimes helps your angry feelings go away.
4. Finding a way to keep them from getting to you is a good thing.
5. If you ignore her maybe she will get bored with you and go away.

I really hope that Snofie will always feel that she can talk to me. I also hope that she will keep dealing with the difficult things in her life with grace and class.

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Crystal said...

I just wanted to let you know I think you're doing a great job. I also found with my daughter (13) that because we've always talked, we still do.