Thursday, March 15, 2007

There are lots of little misc. thoughts floating around that I want to write about but don't really relate to each other or are in any particular order.

Kelly's family got a new dog. Kelly's mom (Noreen) called and said some friends of hers found a Westie in their neighborhood. He was really clean, obviously well taken care of but had no collar. They were unable to find his owners and couldn't keep him themselves so Noreen called Kelly. They brought Murphy home last Saturday. Snofie and I went over to meet him last night after Skyline. He is so cute, I wanted to bring him home with us.

Ciera, our waitress at Skyline loaned Snofie her spiral curling iron. This morning I did Snofie's hair. It took me a while, about half her head, to figure out how to use the thing. None the less her hair turned out great and more importantly she liked it.

On Monday Snofie and I both went to the doctor. I got an antibiotic and an Albuteral inhaler. Oh my god, I will never use one of those again. Silly me should have realized it was a steroid with side effects but it didn't hit me until it was too late. I took it twice on Monday and was up literally the entire night. I actually could not close my eyes and looked at the clock every half hour until 7am when it was time to get up. To get my eyes to close I put a pillow on top of my head and then my arm over top of the pillow. So, Tuesday I went to work and was wide awake until about 2pm. I am totally thankful that I am feeling better and have banished the evil inhaler.

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