Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Snofie and I have decided not to watch American Idol this season. We are just not into it. We had a big discussion about how it is okay that we don't watch it. We are into several other reality shows: "Top Design", "Americas Next Top Model" and the show about the search for the next Pussycat Doll. Okay, I know, the last one is totally trashy but hey, they put it on TV and someones got to watch it. Snofie fell asleep during the first 5 minutes of it last night but I enjoyed every minute of it. Since we both were quite tired yesterday we decided that after work & school we would plop ourselves down in the big bed and not move until morning. I love big bed days with Snofie. Before I picked her up from school I stopped by the store for a dinner that we could eat in the big bed and big bed entertainment. I got the family size Stouffers mac & cheese, a magazine and play dough. All were a big hit with both of us. Snofie did her homework and then played. I read my magazine and then crocheted while we watched "Reba" & "Gilmore Girls" re-runs. Last night there was also a new episode of "Gilmore Girls" on. Snofie is really getting into the show now and I love that because in some aspects I think we are a lot like Lorali and Rory.

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