Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ah ha! I knew John would like the kitties! I caught him in the shower saying: "kitty say what"!

And I've figured out a way to get kids to stop saying things... just wait until they hear their parents saying it, case in point: John and I walking around the house all weekend... "kitty say what"... Now when Samantha hears it she rolls her eyes and begs us to stop.

This weekend, on Friday, John worked his regular shift and got home around midnight. Then he got a call at 3am to go in and work a crash. He was there until 4pm Saturday afternoon! I don't know how he works hours like that. I guess it might have something to do with him absolutely loving what he does. Mom always says Dad is happiest at work and I think the same thing about John.

I finished reading "Freedomland". It was a great book. Really well written. I love the way Price described things. So, I finished and then checked the guide for the movie channel and John and I watched it over the weekend. The movie was not good and I was disappointed.

On Sunday Tara came over and we went to the Labor Day Festival in town. It was a nice evening, not too hot and we found a great parking place right up close. They had a band playing Beatles songs. The girls asked what was with the bands outfits. When I explained that they were trying to look like the Beatles the girls said the girls said they totally missed the mark. The girls played a few games, darts and a mouse game where you put a quarter on a number and then this guy let a mouse out of a box and if it ran in the hole with your number then you won a prize. We felt bad for the mouse.

After the festival we all went back to Tara's house. The girls played and Kelly and I hung out and talked. Then when we got home Samantha and I settled in in the living room and watched TV. And, we could just see the fireworks from the festival. Samantha wanted to stay up until Daddy got home but we both fell asleep.

On Monday we went to the Labor Day parade. We got there early and laid out our blanket in a shady spot under a tree along the parade route. I sat and did some great people watching while John and Samantha went to play games at the Labor Day festival. Samantha played skee ball and won 5 stuffed snakes and a yellow stuffed dog. We had a BBQ beef sandwich and waited for the parade. We love parades but wimped out on this year's after 1 1/2 hours. Boy was it long!

We found a dead bird on our front walk. Gross. I wonder what that means... John said it meant someone was going to die but I made him take it back immediately. If it's something bad I totally don't want to know.

The new industrial sales rep starts tomorrow at work. I have this thing about not liking new people and have been trying to talk myself into not feeling this way. It's taken me about 4 months to stop not liking Mark because he was the new guy. It is just with in the last 2 weeks that I have come to the conclusion that he is a nice guy. Maybe this new guy will be different though because he is on the industrial side of things which I don't have much to do with. I wonder if Susan would be surprised that Carla hired someone so quickly...

The house next door, to the east, has been on the market for about 6 months and we noticed that there is a "sale pending sign" out. I am so curious. The people next door have been good neighbors. Actually we do not know them at all and have only spoken to them a handful of times. I suppose it's like that saying, good fences make good neighbors.

And speaking of neighbors... Jess came by this evening when we were out in the front yard. She said that they are having issues with custody. Her ex-husband's mother wants shared custody of the kids and even though she has no chance of getting it she is still causing all kinds of problem. And, her ex is not living up to their custody agreement. Listening to her tell all about things really made me thankful that we are "normal". She also told me something else but I can't write about it yet because I don't want to jeopardize it... but soon.

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Jessica said...

Holy Cow, what a mess she's in. And I thought just waking up in the morning was a problem for me! OY!