Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Work has been stressing me out the past two days. The owner has been questioning things I do, and have done for the past 8 years. This is fine, after all he is the owner of the company and it is his money I am spending. I just feel like he does not trust my judgement. I also feel like sometimes he does not listen to the entire explanation on why something is done the way it is and he jumps to a conclusion that is not always exactly correct. The muscles in my neck have tightened up right away upon arriving at work the past 2 days. But, all in all I love my job and the company I work for... really, I do.

On Sunday Samantha and I went in and met John for dinner. He is training a new officer named Tom. We went to Mad Greek for dinner. The owner stopped by our table and told us we needed dessert. He brought us out the most amazing custard. Samantha and I were so full we thought we would explode on the way home. When we got home I sat outside and talked to Jess while Samantha played with Hannah. I asked her if she knew how Tammy's open house went and she said she wasn't sure but that she had told the kids they had to stay inside that night. Then she said Mark had gone out to mow the lawn before her open house but Nick had poured water in the gas tank and it blew up half way through. Jess said she was horrified that anyone going to Tammy's house would see their yard next door looking like that. I laughed and laughed over that.

Yesterday Samantha and I cooked dinner. Samantha made an apple strudel from scratch all by herself. She even used the apple-peeler-corer-slicer contraption all by herself. I made Greek chicken with rice and vegetables, zucchini, carrots and green beans. After dinner John fixed our bed. The wheel piece in the middle had broken off from me moving the bed around so much rearranging the furniture in the bed room. It was fun to watch all the faces he made every time he hit his fingers with the hammer or drill. Then Tammy called to see if we wanted to go to Chestnut Ridge with her. It was about 7pm so the sun was down and we had a really nice walk through the woods. We saw 3 deer who paused so we were able to get a good look at them. Their little white tails look so cute as they bounded away. We also saw a snake. I picked it up and everyone squealed like a bunch of little girls. John thinks its funny that I am terrified of birds but will pick a snake up. When we got home Tammy came over and had apple strudel with us. Yum, it was really good.

It has been quite hot here, in the 90's today and yesterday. But the weather forecast looks more like fall by the end of the week.

This afternoon while on my way to pick Samantha up from school Tammy called. She said that she had just talked to John but that he had not been all that receptive to the conversation and she went on to talk about her relationship with the Irish guy and what does all their phone sex and web cam sex mean.... what do I think he is thinking... etc... Well, no wonder John was not very receptive... I just think it's sad that she thinks there is a relationship... he's there... she's here... he has a girlfriend whom he lives with... um, no relationship...

My neck is killing me, right around my shoulders too. I know it is stress because I can feel it when things flare up at work. Right before I left there was a whole other crises... one where the cost of something isn't what we are willing to pay but there really isn't any other option... I know there is nothing I can do about it but it still gets to me.

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