Monday, September 10, 2007

This evening we went to an antiques appraisal at the Town Hall. It was sort of like "Antique Road Show" on PBS. We took a French bayonet from 1881 and a gun we thought was from the Civil War. The appraiser said that the gun may or may not be from the Civil War. He said it is the right age but that a lot of men would just pick up their farm gun an go fight in the war so it is really hard to tell for sure. It was really interesting though. John and I were the youngest there by several decades. I sat next to a 91 year old retired veterinarian. He was awesome. He told me about a 27 caret star sapphire ring he has. He collects men's rings. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him. The appraiser talked about how the demand for sterling silver flatware has diminished because the younger generation doesn't want to take the time to polish it. And, one of the woman said that she still enjoyed stirring her coffee with a special spoon though. I think that sounds lovely. I plan on digging out one of the silver spoons from John's grandma's set and will have fond memories whenever I stir my coffee with it. That is my favorite part about antiques... the stories behind them.

On Friday evening instead of the concert in the town square Samantha and I decided to go to the high school football game. We had the best time and stayed until the very end. I was pleasantly surprised that Samantha was really into the game. At one point I asked her if she wanted to walk around and she said no, maybe at half time. And when I would look over at her she was intently concentrating on the game. I thought she would rather watch the cheer leaders or people watch like I was but no, she just wanted to watch the game. Plus, it was a perfect evening, not too hot, not too cold. When we got home we settled down on the couch to watch TV and about 10 minuted later it started pouring down rain. How's that for timing!

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Jessica said...

That appraisal at the Town Hall sounds so neat, I wish they had stuff like that here! People have all kinds of neat stuff in their homes collecting dust!