Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh my... we live among crazy people. Between our neighbor having web cam sex with her European boyfriend and our other neighbor who is pregnant, in a custody battle with her ex and trying to get foster kids... wow, I feel normal. Maybe I'm not all that normal but just seem so in comparison... hhhmm.

This evening Ellen came over. She had never been to our house before so it was fun to show her around. When her youngest son goes away to college next year she ad her husband are going to buy a condo. So, I showed her a few places in town that would be nice. Then we went in to town and had dinner. Samantha had been so excited about going to dinner with Ellen. I thought it was sweet considering that Ellen is my friend and one would think she would find going out with grown ups boring. But, the last two mornings when she looked at the calendar she commented on how excited she was. She was also too sweet ordering from the regular menu. She looked at the kids menu and then seemed upset. When I asked her what was wrong she said she wanted chicken quisedillas and a salad.

This evening Samantha and I went for a walk. We saw Julie out with Cesar who is learning how to walk on a leash quite nicely. Julie said that Co-Cheese died on Saturday. That's sad. She also mentioned that the Shim is supposed to be out of the house soon. It's nice that they didn't get kicked out before Co-Cheese died. I wonder where the Shim will go.

Tomorrow night there is a concert in town that Samantha and I were planning on going to but Samantha said she would rather go to the football game. Maybe we can do both, we'll see.

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