Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I can feel autumn in the air. This morning Samantha and I had a lovely walk up to school. The air was cool and crisp and we enjoyed watching the steam rise up from our steaming mug of coffee that we share each morning. I love fall!

Conversation on the way to school this morning:
Samantha: We had a substitute yesterday... her name was Mrs. Bitler.
Me: I wonder if she is related to Mrs. Bruney... Mrs. Bruney the kindergarten teacher not Mrs Bruney the 2nd grade teacher... because her maiden name was Bitler.
Samantha: But Mrs. Bitler's maiden name is Smith (Totally surprised she knew that!) so how could she be related to Mrs. Bruney?
Me: But if Mrs. Bruney has a brother and her brother married Miss Smith then they would be related because Mrs. Bruney's brother will always be a Bitler.
Samantha: Huh?
Me: See, Mrs. Bruney was Miss Bitler until she married Mr. Bruney... and Mrs. Bitler was Miss Smith until she married Mr. Bitler... so, Mr. Bitler, is possibly Mrs. Bruney's brother because Mrs. Bruney used to be Miss Bitler which would make Mrs Bitler Mrs Bruney's sister-in-law... get it?
Samantha: Well I know that they are related because Mrs. Bitler told us so... I wonder if they are related to the principle, Dr. Bruney?

We both laughed the rest of the way to school...

Every year I seem to go through an "I hate my job" phase. I hate these phases and am so glad mine is over for the year and I am back to loving the best job in the whole world.

And speaking of work... there is this cat that appeared on Monday and has been lurking outside our office. It's black and whit and has a little black mustache that makes it look like Hitler. And, it's a sneaky cat. Yesterday I went downstairs to use the rest room and it was lounging on the stairs. I picked it up and tossed it outside, went in to use the rest room, came out about 2 minutes later and did a double take... it was back lounging on the stairs. Sneaky little Hitler Kitty.

John was off yesterday. He made tacos for dinner and afterward we all went for a walk through the neighborhood. The house with the plethora of Pitt Bulls now has a sign out front stating: Warning Security Dogs. Yeah right, how's a dog in a cage going to provide security... I totally want to tack up a new sign that says: Warning Dog Fighting Dogs Locked in Cages on the Premises!

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Philip said...

I love walking the school bus stop with a cup of coffee too!