Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday was our 12 year anniversary. John had to work but that's okay. I met him for dinner. The rookie he is training was there too but that's okay too.

On Monday John and I went up to Samantha's classroom so that John could meet her teachers. He loved them as do I. We talked and laughed for about 45 minutes. Samantha said that's how they are in class as well, that they laugh a lot. We went up a little early and stood out in the hall and watched Samantha when she didn't know we were there. The desks are pushed into groups of 6 and Samantha is surrounded by boys. She said they are nice though. While we watched her she was siting at her desk chewing on the sleeve of her jacket. (She said she was listening to the story her teacher was reading.) Then one of the little boys leaned across the desks to talk to her, it was sweet. Oh, John got invited to come in for career day too. Samantha will enjoy that.

The Waffle House down the street on the way to school opened up yesterday. Yeah! On our way to school the sign still said: Opening Soon but on the way home it said: NOW OPEN. I got an email from Linda and she said my nephew is working there with his girlfriend. (I've never met the girlfriend.)

This evening we were outside with our neighbor, Skip. Samantha got a bean bag stuck in a tree and the guys set about o get it down for her. They tossed the level, the really long one, up there but that got stuck in the tree too. I ran in the house to get my camera but they wouldn't let me take a picture of it. Then Skip brought over a pole for painting and they got it down with that. We also have had an old Kroger bag up in that tree for about 2 years. John got out the ladder and Skip climbed up with the pole and got it down too. At first they had suggested I climb the tree... you're little, climb on up there... It so doesn't work that way. There is no way, short of being chased by a wiener dog, that I could get up that tree.

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gmcountrymama said...

Happy Anniversary! We will be celebrating our 11th anniversary this November.
It sounds like S has a very nice teacher.