Thursday, September 13, 2007

John had school today so he left before Samantha and I got up. But, yeah, he will be home this evening.

It was another nice fall morning, crisp and cool, whenI dropped Samantha at school. I am so very greatful that Samantha does not cry anymore at drop off.5 years of that was plenty! She really seems to be enjoying 3rd grade, her teacher and her class.

Since it was the Jewish new year no one was in the office today. Ellen, Carla, Susie and Patricia were all off. That's only 4 people but it seemed like more. And, out T1 line was down all day so that made things interesting. I had been putting off doing PO's for over a month and today was a good day to work on them.

After work I got to school early so I could sit and read a book and enjoy the beautiful weather. Oh, it was gross, this guy pulls up to the curb in from of the school to pick up his kid from the mentally challenged program wearing no short! With these kids the teacher walks each kid out to their ride home and makes sure the get in okay. So... there he is chatting away with the teacher with no shirt and he was definitely a hottie dad. Kelly and I commented that the girls would just die if their dads did that.

Then it was time for pick up and I chatted with another mom. Well, I don't know if chat is the right word because what sh told me was pretty heavy. We started out commenting on this years drop off and pick up routine and she commented that she was glad her kids do not have to ride the bus. I agreed and told her I was glad that I am able to work only part time and am able to adjust my schedule around Samantha. Then she said she has been a stay at home mom for the last 9 years and how lucky she has been to be able to be there for her kids but... she said she didn't know what she was going to do because her husband is in stage 4 liver cancer. She said he has just months and she is trying to adjust to the fact that she will not have him around. How the heck do you adjust to something like that! She said she would have to get a job and then what would she do with the kids. My heart ached for her and I could not stop thinking about her all night.

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gmcountrymama said...

Thats great Samantha is doing well with going to school.My kids never had a problem leaving me for school. I wonder why...
I should really use my Jewishness to get out of work. Too bad I am non-practicing.