Saturday, July 21, 2007

After work on Friday I did not have to be anywhere in particular because Samantha was at Grandma's so I went garage sale-ing. I had the best time and found some great stuff. I got an old suitcase for $2. Last year at Com Fest there was a woman selling vintage suitcases that had decoupaged fairies and other sorts of things on them. I am going to make my own for Samantha to take her Littlest Pet Shop guys, her American Girl stuff or whatever to her friends houses. (I also saw a vintage suitcase that someone had made into the cutest dog bed in Country Home magazine but we don't have a dog.) I got 3 old fashioned ice cream dishes for .25 each. I got a pretty candle shade for those big jar candles for $2. And, I got a clock for Samantha's doll house that was free. It was a perfect day to walk around.

When I got home I lay in the hammock and read a book. Actually I didn't read too much because I couldn't help watching the puffy white clouds go by in the blue blue sky. The sky is like that again today. There is a huge white cloud overhead that looks like if I stood up I could reach out and touch it.

Last night we took Grandma to Waffle house and then to the Jazz Fest on the riverfront. Waffle House is such an odd little place. We were the only one's in there so all the wait staff sat around and talked to us. Everyone was so nice. Our waiter Josh had a contest with Samantha to see if she could name all the Disney Princesses like he could. They even had John laughing which is quite a fete. Rose of course had to tell them the John's a police officer. I hate it when she does that and she does it ALL the time with everyone. It makes me want to scream: NO ONE CARES AND IT IS NOT RELEVANT TO THE CONVERSATION. Usually there is no conversation and it goes something like this:
Target Cashier: Did you find everything okay?
Grandma: Yes, my son's a police officer.

After Waffle House we went to the Jazz Festival. We found the perfect spot up on a little hill. John took a nap while Samantha, Grandma and I played cards. When John woke up just the two of us walked around together. Oh my god, the smell of all that meat and BBQ sauce was intoxicating. We ended up on the riverfront in the exact spot where 14 years ago John asked me to marry him. I almost cried. It was romantic even though we were in the middle of the kiddy area and right next to one of those giant blow up things you jump in. It was so much fun just sitting there, smelling, listening and watching.

This morning Samantha and I went to Jenn's new house and then to the Farmer's Market. Her place is so cute. We ended up at a few garage sales and I got the coolest lawn mower. You know, one of the environmentally friendly propelled by your own energy ones. It was $7 and it works great. When we got home I mowed the lawn. I only did the front so far because it is kind of hard work. John sat and laughed at me. But, when I was done I was very proud of myself.

Tara is over playing with Samantha now and they have created a city of Littlest Pet Shop, Bratz and Polly's under the kitchen table. I love listening to the stories they make up. They glued together a bunch of paper that encircles the table that they decorated as the road. They are so creative and I love that.

As I sit here I am thinking about 2 things that make me really mad. First, I smell cat poop. The stray cats in the neighborhood seem to think that the side of our house is a litter box. I mowed over it with my cool new mower too. Stupid cats! I'll have to look into what I can put down out there that will keep them away. And, I just won't inhale when the breeze picks up.

Second, I am thinking about my conversation with Hill Billy. She made some comment about how I know a lot of people on the street and how people are "always trotting over to see me." What the ____. Why does she care and why does she even notice. She's stupid. When they first moved in and their children were younger and really ill behaved Tammy used to call them The Brown Holes. She said they were shit heads but she didn't want to be accused of calling a child a shit head so she called them brown holes. I'd forgotten that until today and remembering makes me giggle. I told Tammy what Mrs. Brown Hole said and she made a comment about who would want to be friends with her anyway. Mrs. Brown Hole is one of those people who think her children can do no wrong. They can be out there throwing rocks or terrorizing the neighbors but it is always someone else's fault.

Our toilet broke this morning. I told John we could fix it by putting a butter knife under the lever thingy to hold it up but he didn't like that idea. He's going to be thrilled when he comes home from work and sees that I accidentally peed in the broken toilet.

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