Saturday, July 21, 2007

I love our house. We have lived here for 10 years and have worked hard to make it exactly what we want and we have no intention of moving. But, oh my god the neighborhood is going to hell in a hand basket. A hand basket in the back of Billy Bob's pick-up truck. This afternoon was something else:
Hill Billy neighbors were having a yard sale.
I bought a couple of I Spy books for Samantha.
John commented on how new they look... probably because her kids can't read.
John was leaving for work and I walked out with him.
There was a big dog being chased by the dog catcher.
I told Hill Billies to put Jack (their dog) in.
Then we started chatting.
Hill Billy was appreciative because she couldn't see the dog.
She mentioned that her house had been in foreclosure but it wasn't their fault & it's fine now.
Oh my god...
Hill Billy is friends with White Trash neighbors so I asked her about the shirtless ex-con guy...
White Trash lives with her daughter, her ex-con Jesus seeking boyfriend, her alcoholic ex-husband and a female room mate!
Oh my god...
I must say, I have a never ending source of entertainment here!

On Thursday Ellen and I had dinner at Billy Lee's. Billy Lee's is my new favorite Chinese restaurant. We had such a nice time. We talked about how annoying New Guy is and about how upset Ellen was the other day over a show she was attending. Then we got our fortunes... Oh no, they were really bad. Mine said "keep negative comments to yourself" and Ellen's said "try to maintain composure in tense situations". We could not stop laughing about how awful those fortunes were.

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