Monday, July 2, 2007

As I already said... today is a lovely day. Work went by so quickly and I hardly even recall being there at all. And, as I also said, I am sitting in the garage keeping John company while he piddles around and I have to tell you, this is the life. I am sitting in one of those fold up chairs you take to soccer games. Actually, I am sort of lying in it all slumped down really low so my head can rest on the back of it. I have a storage tub turned upside down for a foot rest and the lap top is sitting on my legs positioned just so... just so I exert minimal movement. A paint can is my side table for my glass of water and I feel oh so hill billy-ish... but oh so comfortable. I didn't even mind so much when John asked me to hold the ladder for him because my legs had fallen asleep. I never understood that... the whole "hold the ladder for me" thing... I mean, if his big ass actually fell off the ladder all I would be able to do is stand there and watch provided he hadn't fallen on me and crushed me. Oh my god... John has a country music station on so we really are hill billies... Here I was making fun to Mr. No Shirt White Trash for "hanging out" in his driveway and here I am doing the same thing. And did I mention the big green extension cord the lap top is plugged into... there is something wrong with my battery... really there is... "Hey Romeo, let's go down to Mexico..."

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Jessica said...

OMG I'm rolling! That is great Kate!

Jess (from bloggingchicks!)