Thursday, July 5, 2007

Everyone loves a parade! The 4th of July is my favorite holiday for several reasons. It's in the summer so it's warm out. There are decorations but you don't have to decorate like Christmas. And, it's a whole day of activities, parades, picnics, carnivals and fireworks.

We went to the parade in the morning. It was great because everyone loves a parade but this year there was an added bonus. John made me swear we would never speak of it again because he was totally pissed off but I can't help myself, it is just too dang funny. There we were, sitting in lawn chairs in front of Rose's house watching the parade, our family, Rose and John's sister Linda and her family, when a float went by with kids & water guns. One boy aimed his water gun on John an got him. He got him so good and kept the stream of water on him until he was completely soaked. John just sat there with no expression on his face. Samantha and I just about died it was so hysterically funny. Linda and Rose just sort of stood there. I think they weren't sure whether they should laugh or not because John doesn't really have much of a sense of humor when it comes to things like that. So, John doesn't say a word and after the float passed he got up and went in the house. I told Samantha that the really funny thing was that the kid had no idea he just drenched a cop. Had he known I'm sure he would have been the hero of all kids with water guns. After the parade on the way home I kept erupting in laughter. That's when John proclaimed we would never speak of the water gun incident ever again.

Samantha was mostly wanting to watch the parade so she wasn't paying too much attention to Rose. I got a little annoyed because she went inside and came out with a bribe, a Webkinz, to get a hug and a kiss. But, that's what grandma's do...

It rained during the afternoon while Samantha and I were cooking all the food for the picnic. We were worried because it was an awful storm and there was a tornado warning on the television. The warning expired at 5pm and the weather man was right on because it cleared up at 5pm and the sun even came out. Every officer has to work on the 4th and they are divided into 2 groups: officers in the park and officers on the street. John is always an officer on the street and every year some of the wives get together and have a picnic at the station for the officers on the street, the clerks and guys in the radio room. This year it was Janice and myself. Janice brought several homemade lasagnas and brownie. Samantha and I brought 2 kinds of pasta salad, cheesy potatoes and Oreo truffles. The Oreo truffles were a new recipe I tried and they were a big hit. After the picnic Samantha and I went over to the park. We always try and get the first or second parking space because it is the perfect spot to watch the fire works. Success, we got the fist space and got everything set up. We laid out a blanket in the back of the Element and had some pillows and all. Samantha and I played cards, rummy. It was so cute, several of the officers in the park would come by periodically and help Samantha with her hand. Luckily we had bribed the vice squad with Oreo truffles so the card games continued until the fire works started. They were really amazing and there were a few new additions this year. Our Element was covered with fall out form the fireworks. It was great. We had a lovely day and can't wait until next year.

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