Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've heard the funniest stories the past few days:

John was dealing with a woman at work who bent over to pick something up. As she bent over she farted and when she stood back up she started to walk over to him. John said, "stay over there or you'll bring it with you."

Mom & Dad's dog sitter called Mom on Saturday to say that Dandilion had run down to the creek.
Carlotte: "Is Dandilion deaf?"
Mom: "No, why?"
Charlotte: "She wouldn't come when I called her."
Mom: "She's not deaf, she just doesn't come when she doesn't want to."

I can't believe it is almost school supply time again! I am not ready for the summer to be over.

Yesterday was Sue's Birthday. She and her husband do the neatest thing... they go to the store and her husband will see something and say that if money were no object that's would be hers. I sort of did the same thing... it was between a $4 card or a bunch of candy for her desk at work. The candy won out and I just told her what the card said. It was a room with a green chair and a giraffe. Inside it said: A weird card from your weird friend. Happy Birthday."

Jess came over Monday night and told us that she and her husband are going through the process to become foster parents. Oh my god! And she is trying to have a 4th child. Shouldn't she try and work on her marriage first. I asked if Mark was just going along with it to please her and she said no, that she was doing it to please him. She said he likes the idea of $1000 a month and Jess will take care of the kids. OMG!

We have a new show that we are totally addicted to: "Ice Road Truckers" on the History channel. It is fascinating all the engineering that goes into the ice road, how freakin cold it is and well, the whole concept.

On Monday John was off and Samantha went for a bike ride and dinner with Tara & her family so John and I had dinner together out on the deck. It was nice. I tried garlic bread on the grill which turned out well. I had heard a woman at the grocery talking about it and decided to try it.

We have been having a lot of watermelon at our house lately. I've gotten really good at swallowing the seeds without disturbing the goodness of the watermelon experience. Anyway, the other evening I was eating some and I spit a seed out right there on the kitchen floor. It was odd, I have no idea what possessed me to do that.

Work is quite stressful at the moment. I know it will pass but I don't care for it when people are tense and snappish...

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Philip said...

Spitting watermellon seeds is an art. You should aim for the kitchen sink - they make a very satisfying 'plink' when you get them in.