Saturday, July 28, 2007

"You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level"
-Eckhart Tolle

This evening Samantha and I made pizza. We made the dough and put spinach and fresh basil on it along with the usual cheese and sauce. We ate out on the deck where there were 2 morning doves sitting on Samantha's monkey bars. They were sort of giving each other bird kisses and then the on climbed on top of the other one. Samantha said: "Oh, bird love is freaky."

This morning we went to the Farmer's Market. John was talking to the Mayor. He said I knew but I swear I didn't that the Mayor used to be a police officer and he was a negotiator too just like John. We went to Fern's Attic where I learned she is going to begin carrying a new food line with lots of soup mixes. Yeah, sort of boring but exciting in my simple little world.

Tammy, Samantha and I went to see the osprey and there were 2 older couples there. The one man was too funny. He kept pointing out where the birds were and saying, "you can see them with the naked eye, look, over there!" Well, let me tell you that old man must have had some sort of freaky good eye sight because none of us could see the birds, we just saw black specks. Then he stared talking about seeing 13 bucks at the ponds the night before. Tammy and I both thought he was making some sort of joke about money. Then we realized he was talking about deer.

I rained this past week. Sometimes I love sitting outside on the porch and listening to the rain. Samantha came out with me and played in it. We came up with a new nick name for her: Puddles. Puddles had fun playing in the puddles.

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