Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities."
-Jean Houston

So, the weekend... On Saturday Mom got me the most beautiful flowers from the farmer's market in town. One was Sunflowers and the other was a bouquet of mixed flowers in a variety of pinks. They are so beautiful.

On Saturday John spent the day with his dad at the car show and the rest of us went to Lily Fest. Samantha and Dad made farting noises on their arms in the back seat on the way down. Dad also learned that if you poke a 9 year old it squeals. The drive through the Hocking Hills was beautiful and Lily Fest was even more beautiful. Mom got a Garden Guardian. Dad got a copper weather vane. I got a basil plant. Samantha got a fairy. And we all got Dulcimer CD's. We looked at all the beautiful gardens and settled on a spot for a picnic. I told Dad: there are vikings in the woods. He said, "huh?" So I too him down the path that lead to the Lost Vikings Hoard. (www.LostVikingsHoard.com) He had the best time talking and looking at all their gear. On the ride home we had the weather vane and the Garden Guardian in the back of the Element so the cooler had to go up with Dad and Samantha. Dad thought it made a good drum. Samantha squealed. Mom said dulcimer music does not need an accompaniment from a drum. It ended with Mom and I yelling at them to keep their hands to themselves.

We had much discussion regarding the name of the Garden Guardian. I voted for Helen. Dad voted for Eve since they live in Eden and she will be living in the garden of Eden. Mom voted for The Red Head and she won since it is her Garden Guardian.

Mom and I left Dad and Samantha at the house while we poked around at the thrift sore. You will never believe what I found for Samantha: A dulcimer harp looking instrument thingy that you hold on your lap! What a great find to go withe the dulcimer CD's. When we got home Samantha was pouting in her room and Dad was pouting on the deck. They had gotten into a spat over a card game. We made them make up and all was well. John came home from the car show with a squished funnel cake. We had dinner and ended the night with a fire in the fire pit.

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