Monday, July 2, 2007

Mom said Dad is going off the deep end with regards to the large squirrel population surrounding his bird feeder. He started yelling she said about how he was not spending money on good seed to the stupid squirrels and he stomped off to get his pellet gun. (Or as Mom called it, his little gun.) While he was rooting around for it Mom let the girls out (the dogs) who chased away all the squirrels. Problem solved sans violence. So, here comes Dad with his little gun and he starts yelling, "what the hell'd you do that for?" Mom just thinks it funny that she ruined his fun.

I don't think I ever mentioned that Mom said she wanted some pepper spray for protection. Oh lord! John got her some and when we gave it to her she said we were a week to late, she had really needed it the weekend before when Dad did something stupid. They seriously crack me up.

Mom's latest thing is this DNA testing they can do on dogs now to find out what kind of breed they are. She is going to have it done on Pepper. So, for the record I am putting in my bet on what she is comprised of: 1. Bearded Collie 2. Scottie and 3. Poodle. I don't know that I really think she has Poodle in her but I know it will drive Mom crazy because she dislikes Poodles so much.

Saturday night Gute and Sandy came over and we had a fire in the fire pit. I love having them over. They are 2 of the most dear people and I truly feel our lives are better for knowing them. Anyway, Sandy was telling us bout her cousin or some sort of relative who is having some mental troubles. He's been in and out of facilities for help and to make a long story short he wants to go to a rest home so that he can sit up by the front desk. Am I the only one who thinks this is NOT crazy. Okay, the guy has identified he has mental problems. He's explored the options and for whatever reason doesn't want to "recover"... he want to go to a rest home and sit by the front desk. Everyone says he should take the help. Well, he knows what that help involves and has decided that sitting by the front desk is the route he wants to take. So, why not... let the guy sit by the front desk.

Tammy is back from Ireland. I was a little worried about her because of the bomb stuff in Glasgow and London but she is back safe and sound. Well, maybe not that sound but she's back. Now Susie is in Israel until the 26th. I wish I could remember the website of the hotel where she is staying. It is beautiful. I miss her already.

Mom said that they are going to intern Uncle Joe's ashes on his birthday. They purchased the space in the mausoleum quite a while go and anytime you would ask him about where it was located he would say: "On the 7th floor next to the lingere." I miss him.

Tara came over yesterday to play with Samantha and then Kelly, Tim and the boys came over in the evening for a fire in the fire pit. The girls played with Lincoln Logs the entire time and made houses, castles and forts for Hally the Hamster. Then Sean wanted to play with Hally the Hamster so I put her in her pink exercise ball for him. Oh my god, Samantha would die if she saw what he did to her. He spun the ball around! Poor Hally the Hamster! Luckily I caught him quite quickly so i hope her vertigo wasn't too sever. The kids played okay up until Sean wanted to play Samantha's guitar and she said no.He wants to play with the girls and he wants them to play his way. Well, Samantha doesn't want to play her way and her way doesn't involve Sean. Then poor Tara doesn't really care how or what she plays just as long as everyone is happy.

Kelly saw my garage sale picture on the kitchen counter behind the fruit bowl and she said she almost bought it! It really is an endearing photograph. Luckily we got to the garage sale with the doll bed before they did. At that one she said that Sean bought an old typewriter. He is very into old things. Well, old for him but more things we would consider outdated junk. He has an old cell phone, the kind you carried in brief case and old calculators, cameras etc. He's funny.

We made smores. We had the regular kind as well as quite a variety of other combinations. Kelly brought some chocolate graham cracker, some strawberry marshmallows and some fudge striped cookies. The fire was nice until the boys got bored, the adult boys that is, and stared throwing misc. into the fire pit. Now, I know burning wood isn't the best thing for the environment but I do use "recycled" wood from trees that were already dead or old building materials but when they want to start throwing plastic pop bottles in there... well, I had an absolute fit! Oh my god, the freaking environment! I almost killed them and stuffed them in the fire pit!

Carla is back from her vacation where she and Bob took Libby to visit colleges. She had interviews at: Bowdoin, Bates, Brown and Tufts. Boy does that bring back memories. Plus, it scares me half to death thinking about when I'll have to do that with Samantha.

Today is lovely. I am sitting outside with John while he works on his garage project. He cleaned all the licence plates in his collection yesterday and today he is re-organizing them and hanging them back up on the wall. Ah, we are such simple people. The neighborhood is quiet this time of day and usually it is too hot to be outside but today is nice. It's about 79 degrees and there is not a cloud in sight. I think I see a nap on the hammock in my future. Is it in the hammock or on the hammock... anyway, I am there.

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Jessica said...

On any given day we'll have two dozen squirrels in the front yard where I put the main feeder. My husband made me four feeders that hang but the skwirls as I refer to them as got to them every time. My mother loves to watch the squirrels, they are hilarious. My dad lets her have her fun with the animals, life is too short ya know?

Pepper spray for mom? I'd be afraid mom might accidentally use it as hair spray!!!

I am loving your blog---are we related? LOL!